Monday, October 27, 2008

Melvin's Wedding

And another lovely wedding. It's quite common to have a few weddings in a year when your grandparents have many children. It's a huge family. The soon-to-be-wed's place will be filled with children laughing, screaming, crying and the overwhelming sound of chit-chating and gossiping from the aunties and the lame jokes the uncles come out with. It's the sound of joy and happiness. The sound of a big happy family. And the youngster will be dying to go out with the rest of the cousins to go for mamak just to run away from the noise. Always being a tradition, the night before the wedding, there will be a small feast for the family and more chit-chats. Then came the day of the wedding, where everyone will meet up at the church. I think everyone knows the process of that so yea... I'll skip that part. *an excuse to skip that part because I don't have the pictures of the church wedding* Ehem... then comes the dinner. =D Every one's favourite. It was held at Pavilion. My first time there! You people should know I don't go shopping much so... yes "bak kata katak di bawah tempurung"

The Pavilion top view. =D

The Restaurant

The receptionist. =D Tenny and Shany

Lobster:"Grrr... watcha looking!"
Veneon:">_____> WTF... I know you're stressed , knowing you're gonna be our food soon. Well that's the way of life. =D Have fun~"

As some of you thought it is... it isn't it. It wasn't on the menu though... Wonder how it would taste like. =\ Oh and by the way, it's called geoduck

Second aunty (whose son is getting married) and grandma

Margaret and David. =D

Homg... the red wine... @___@ *drools*

My first drink of beer... not bad... smell like shandy but doesn't taste like one


Joan and my sister, Syuwen

Joan once again.

David eating his spinach porridge... poor thing... Some messy mouth he's got there. Well that makes him look real cute. Lol, I'll remember to put this on his wedding day. =D

Cassandra, she's got some passion for posing. Future model maybe? =)

Isabelle again.


The newly weds. =) Shi Ket and Melvin. Lovely couple, duncha think? ;)

A toast from the Bridegroom

And then comes the part, what all chinese love to do during large celebrations and weddings. Where we scream... err.. shout to the top of our lungs , "YAMMMMMMM.......SING!!!" =D It means cheers by the way.

note that the pictures aren't so clear.. that's coz i'm taking the pictures and screaming.. i mean shouting too. I dunno why we shout or scream so loud... but I think it's just the way people are releasing their stress. =\The joy in the people's faces. Lovely shot. And my breaking record of drinking three types of alcohol in one night! =D Beer, red wine and whisky :P And I wasn't not drunk! Yea~ ehem.. sorry.. *syiok sendiri* Next round of pictures are random shots. The food and etc.

Lydia, Syuwen , Joan(carried) and Emily

It's a picture of my two cousins, Joshua and Jeremy by the way... I know it's dark but it's best shot I could get out of stalking those two obssessed with the PSP

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Feast for the Eyes!

Boredom has seriously taken a toll on me... with the brief period of examination gaps, I began missing Trinity Blood. It was a wonderful show. Brilliantly written... but the author past away when he reached the climax of the story... oh man... Ah well, life is in HIS hands anyway... so who am I to say. But his stories lives on. =D And so I began googling up the show and found wonderful arts of the series. Remarkable. I can't stop staring at the pictures. So I decided uploading them here. Have fun staring at them.

AX agents
AX, short for Arcanum Cella Ex Dono Dei

The Rosenkreuz Orden

AX Members

Evening Walk

Evening Tea

A Walk in Albion, Neo-London

The Crusniks, Abel and Cain

Helga von Vogelwiede and Cain Nightroad

The Mage and the Puppeteer

Astharoshe The Viscountess of Odessa and the Duchess of Kiev

Abel Nightroad, the Vampire Predator

Esther Blanchett, the Queen of Albion

William Walter Wordsworth, the Professor

Hercules Tres Iqus, the Gunslinger

Hugue de Watteau, the Sword Dancer

Brother Matthaious, the Devil of Morroco

Noélle Bor, the Mistress

Cardinal Catherina Sforza, the Duchess of Milan

Vaclav Havel, The No Faith

Vaclac Havel

Sister Paula Souwaski, the Lady of Death

Astharoshe Asran

Seth Nightroad, Queen of the New Human Empire

Cain Nightroad ,the Contra Mundi

Dietrich von Longherin, the Puppeteer

Isaak von Kämpfler, the Panzer Magier

Murder of Seth Nightroad

Pope AlessandroXVIII's Death



Gathering of Rosenkruez Orden

Murder attempt of William Walter Wordsworth

Sister Paula's Assassinations

The Crusniks

Abel Nightroad and Astharoshe Asran