Thursday, June 18, 2009


Should my blog be organic. It would have been rotten ages ago. -.- Sorry for the hiatus, been rather busy. But what the heck, it's freedom now. X) And now another end to another studying life. The end of A levels life. I'm really gonna miss those guys. PM3 rawks. Though we all came from different paths of life, we still manage to unify as a family of PM3. Something I'm truly proud of. After all, it's the effort to bring the class together that counts. =) Everyone of them made my day every time I step into the class. The crazy, lame yet i just cant stop laughing jokes they crap out of randomness are one of the things i'm really gonna miss. May we all keep in touch.

And currently, I'm jobless and aimless. ;S I've honestly nothing to do other than helping mum with chores and.. perhaps going out with the old buddies for some outing. And we dun do much. Watching a movie pretty much occupies most of the time of the outing. *Other than Faris' camwhoring moments, which doesn't apply to me* Facebook doesn not seem to be as interesting as it was when we were supposed to be busy study and getting prepared with our exams. -.- Lesser inbox spams by Facebook which is a good and bad thing. I dunno which way to look at it but, one thing for sure, I'm bored. =( Thankfully for the upcoming class trip though. It'll be one of the last times we the PM3s are gonna be hanging around with each other, I guess. After this, we'll be all over the place. Actually mostly in Aussie and UK, but still, they're everywhere. Lol.

It's been movie marathon for me so far. Been trying to catch up with the movies I've missed throughout the college life. And the most recent movie I've watched is Knowing AND gosh, that movie is serious a WTF movie. XD There are few scenes that really make you go OMG, WTH, WTF , HOLY S***, and etc etc. lol I think the last part was the ultimate WTF. Not gonna spoil for those who hasn't watch yet. But if you ask me, i think it's entertaining. There are some good suspense in the movie which keeps the entertaining going on. So overall, it's a good movie. Other than that, Lady in the Water was the other movie I've watched. Not bad, I would say the main actress choosen for the Narf character was indeed a good choice. She had the right looks and features for the character and her acting wasn't bad. It really suited her character being the lost and timid one. And yes, I've noticed the movie was old, but Davi told me it was a good movie, so I just downloaded it to watch to kill my boredom.

It's late and I cant sleep. I've been sleeping quite late consistently during the exam period. Now my bedtime becomes late as well. I can't sleep any earlier nowadays. I'll just end up staring at the ceiling for GOD knows how long and then may be dream a little before going to sleep. The exams lasted for one month. It was rather irritating actually. ONE MONTH. I've lost that much of time in my life which could have been better off spend somewhere else? Cambridge boleh! Oh wait, they're english people. YES CAMBRIDGE CAN! >____> now that sounds so america-and obama-ish. Maybe I am too Malaysian for my own good for going with all the Lah, Leh, Liao and the Mah. -.- I'm really syok sendiri here. Coz I'm really bored. Somebody entertain me! ;S

Ah well, maybe I'll go continue watching a movie. Let's see which movie is down downloading... hhmm...

I'm glad it worked out fine. I wouldn't have wanted to regret walking out with it staying that way. At least things are much better now. I can breath out comfortably.

Monday, June 8, 2009