Sunday, February 22, 2009

Joan of Arc

What a beauty,
This peasant girl was,
What a vision she saw,
What a divine blessing,
When the Three told her of her destiny,
What a epic story,
Her life turn out to be.

How young she was,
To be send to war at the age of 19,
How bold she was,
For a woman to put on a knight's armour,
How courageous she was,
To lead an army to war,
A miracle it was,
When she turned the tide of war.

What a fool they were,
When they prejudged her,
How senseless it was,
To misjudge her,
How naive the to-be-crowned king was,
To misuse her talent for glory,
What idiots the wise men were,
To overlook a woman sent by GOD.

What a shame it was,
To look down upon because she was a woman,
What a shame to man,
To forsake the messenger,
How cruel it was,
To abuse and commit such impure act on a diligent woman,
How worthless man are,
That they killed a heroine who returned her country's honour.

A tribute to Joan of Arc
(1412 -1431)