Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sky and Earth

These are the two movies that I'm dying to watch. The OST for Sky Crawler ( Music Composer Kawai Kenji) are superb! I loved it even before watching them. The storyline seems cool too. Origin: Spirits of the Past also has a very good plot. Though I kinda know the story even before watching it already. >___> Argh, can't wait for the exams to be over.

Sky Crawler

Origin : Spirits of the Past

Noticed the moon? ;S It's broken.

Keep moving forward.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


A very Happy Birthday to you, Faris.

Now that's 1/4 of your life knowing me. Lol. Have blast man.

Dang i just noticed my hair is just like in the picture now. ;S Curse u barber!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"I'm not studying or going to working. It's gonna be the End of the World anyway,"

Now that's a good excuse isn't it? I went over to grandma's house today and my aunt told me that apparently, there is a group of christians who are already preparing themselves for the end of the world in seven years * I dunno who calculated that and how? But as famously known, our mayan friends have calculated that it's this 2012* . They are stopping work, stopping their children's educations and just gonna stay at home. And pray. Some computer technician dude came over to my aunty's house to preach about this when he was called over to her house to fix her computer. And he was called to come over a few times, before he came over. Guess he figured that he should preach and spread his 'Good News' to her too. I dunno if it's stated in the Bible, but not studying or working and just praying to God doesn't sound right to me. At least some minority of Christians like the Amish make more sense in their teaching. To stop doing everything and just meditate and pray to God, sounds more like an excuse from work stress and study difficulties.

But after listening to that, it made me wonder. How prepared are we to face the End of the World anyway? If tomorrow IS the end of the world, how will you be judged? At the very least, look back at the past. How much have you done for others? Do you regret the life or the way you've lived? Was there a better way to live life? Was that all you could do?

Now that's something I wouldn't wanna see.

Spending time for reflection. Now that I believe is a much better way to face the end of the world. And of course, prayers too. I cannot deny that. But prayers only and without any actions. I think God is on myside that Actions speak louder than words? ;) Below is an interesting link, check it out!

5 signs the world is coming to an end

I still regretted not doing anything about it.
It wasn't your fault anyway

Friday, April 3, 2009


Been quite a while since I had the time to even blog. Sorry for the long hiatus. X) Haha. But nyways, here's a little summary of what has happened recently.

  1. Grandmother had a bad fall while trying to put on her clothes. She is 84. Nothing too serious though. Had a bad cut on her arm ( or somewhere else... Couldnt remember, but I knew she had bruises and a cut). Send her for check up. Her bones were perfectly fine. O___O Miracle indeed...
  2. Grandma had a second fall. ;S This time in the toilet. Things were worse this time. Fell and hurt the left part of her head. Had to get an ambulance. Luckily my aunt was still washing the dishes. The maid was fast asleep. Aunt heard a loud sound and check grandma up. Found her covered with blood. Called up my other aunt who lives nearby. Called SJMC, no one picked up. Called for about 6-7 times. Finally got them I guess. Five minutes later, grandma was sent to the hospital. Checked her up. Once again, no broken bones. But had some difficulties breathing. Needed oxygen mask. Doctor confirmed that her heart stop for a while, causing her fall. Had major breathing difficulties the next day. Even brought the priest for her Last Rites. Thank God after that, she became better. And has been so ever since. She's fine now, accompanied by a Vietnamese nurse by the name of... Piak. Seriously, not crapping this up. Hong Piak, who insisted on being addressed as Ah Piak. Grandma's on walking stick now. * Yerp we got her to use them finally. ;)* So far so good. Thank God.
  3. Benjamin's departure to Aussie. Damn, I'm gonna miss ya bro.Have both the fun and the study balanced. Take care of your health and don't go out too late. X) Take good care there, bro.
  4. Shobs and Kim's departure to Aussie. *Sorry that I wasnt there to send u both off. =( I really wish I could have been there. Miss yea both soo much already. Yes, I know it sounds gay, kim. But hope u two have lots of fun there. Enjoy. And take care too!*
  5. Clare's acceptance to NUS!!! Congratulation girl! Rawk on! =D And dun worry too much when you're there. Things will be fine. U'll get through it everyday. U know what I mean. ;)
  6. Trials, trials. X) nothing much to comment on that. Lol, but hell it's over! =D
  7. Honey's following my blog! =O Gosh! I should follow your blog as well! =D Thankx wifey! =D
So yea, that's basically it. Nothing much to blog for now. I kinda lost it. =( I can't type that much anymore. Maybe I'll just upload some random things. =D


And so we lived as masquerade beings. *metaphorically*

Representation of the Black Death.


Interesting pictures no? ;)

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