Friday, April 30, 2010

So we keep running running running away

What significance does it bear anymore if there is no trust?

How reliable would these words be?

Why is it so difficult to understand?

When will that someday come if not now?

Who's the decider that these ridiculous facts were the truth anyway?

Are those spoken words mere echoes in your life?

What were the intentions at the first place?

Why was I so blind to even see that?

How will those times spent be replaced?

When did these resemblance become deja vu?

Why is it that my life seemed to be stuck in time and seems to be repeating itself?

Who was it who came to take notice of those difference?

Questions questions. It never ends. Must be the weather. Again.

Just like the jester who weeps every night. I'm sick of it if you're not.

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