Sunday, March 7, 2010

Old and New

I know it's been a while. Haven't the blogging mood or even the time to blog. But hei, here's a little update. Uni's started. People are great, and boy, Taylors Lakeside can be describe with one word. BIG. But as always, Taylors taylors, it's not completely done, but they got the students in already with ONE cafeteria and TWO cafes while the campus is stuck though in Sunway but seems to be really sesat surrounded by squatters area. Can see cow kandang around*or even smell, oh joy * and hear chickens crowing early in the morning. There is no other stalls or and source of food around. So the Taylors cafeterias and gonna be earning lots coz they're the only source of food. And becoz of that, it's really really packed during lunch hours. Long line queue. Not fun at all. =\ And not all parts of the campus are quite done. There several noticeable patches of cement walls that werent paint. It really makes wanna go to the construction workers and say "Dude, you missed a Big spot there man" -.- Half of Taylors is completed but the otherside where the commercial area is suppose to be isn't completed. There's supposed to be a swimming pool there. :D And the lakeside, is really breezy. Good spot to emo much or even attempt suicide. ;p

But things are great for now. Lectures are wonderful. Lecturers are for some reason more animated and semangat den the ones we normally get from Pre-U. Maybe it's the requirement from UniSA I guess. Either way, thank God. I can't imagine all the lecturers being unfriendly. 2 hours lecture can be longer than it seems. And so yea, cny has just passed. It's a pretty quiet one this year for a reason. So cny isn't as fun as it always has been like the previous years *even though i still get the ang paos ;D* But at least mahjong session remained. Oh joy, i only get to play that once a year. Haha. Nyways, it's late and i have classes tmrw. Till i update next time den. Toodles!

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